At Journey To Bliss, we make a line of prepared, raw, vegan food products under the brand name Intentional Food. We strive to employ every concept of “intention” in our products—from ethically obtained ingredients of the highest nutritional value, to sustainable packaging and business practices. We want to make food the center of everyone’s world so the quality standards of life itself can be raised to realize the full potential of every living being.

Our product mix consists of fresh, vegetable-based entrees and salads, nut and seed cheeses, and desserts. By working with local organic farmers, we use the freshest and cleanest ingredients, and prepare each dish without damaging the precious nutrients, while also demonstrating our belief in the importance of contributing to sustainable economies, both locally and globally.

We are located in Smyrna, Tennessee, where Intentional Food is produced in a certified commercial kitchen.

Take a look at the Farm To Market segment that illustrates our partnership with local farmers and Whole Foods Market.

Listen to a June 2008 archived broadcast of the radio show “Wake Up and Live,” featuring Journey To Bliss Raw Foods.

Farm to Kitchen to Market … and Way Beyond

Whole Foods Market "Farm To Market" Profile

Whole Foods Market "Farm To Market" Profile

We are pleased that Whole Foods Market has chosen us as one of their featured producers in the “Farm To Market” section of their “Whole Story” blog.

Journey To Bliss is a young, growing company with an ambitious vision and an accompanying mission that goes beyond merely selling food for profit. Stated simply, we are food activists.

Whole Foods Market is a $9+ Billion (sales) publicly-held company, with 58,000 team members, that repeatedly demonstrates a commitment to their core values, thereby guiding its various stakeholders to participate in work that matters on a global, as well as local scale.

In our role as stakeholders, we are committed to building and demonstrating the value of a business model which can work successfully on multiple levels: in our community, in communities across the country, and around the globe.


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